Were pleased to announce that our first new site of 2017 has just gone live!

A new educational project http://egyptianhieroglyphics.net was an interesting project, which involved unique technical challenges! The site, dedicated to hieroglyphics, tells the story of one of the world’s oldest and most fascinating forms of writing and allows the user to learn the basics!

First and foremost, the site natively supports text in Egyptian hieroglyphs – we think this is the only site in the world which can do this! Getting the hieroglyphs to load and render properly on mobile devices was a key element to the project, but one which we cracked after some creative prototyping.

Secondly, the website includes a hieroglyphics translator, again a first as far as were aware! Our translator can convert English language into hieroglyphs either by matching with authentic middle Egyptian words, or by transliterating phonetically. The entire translator had to be designed and built from the ground up, with mobile compatibility in mind. We’re pretty pleased with the result!

If you have a moment, go and Learn Hieroglyphics

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