Cisco Certified Networking

A well designed and maintained network can be the difference between success and failure in today's highly interconnected world. At volant, our Cisco CCNP certified network engineers can assist you in troubleshooting, maintaining, designing and upgrading networks.

If you’re looking to install a new network or upgrade existing hardware, we can provide a full-service design and installation option for a fixed price – no sliding windows or unexpected costs. We can help you realise the benefits of a truly modern network infrastructure, maximising emerging technologies like network automation and programmability.

For existing networks, we offer security auditing (either on-site or remote) as well as troubleshooting and maintenance reviews.

For clients local to our offices, we’re happy to offer an ad-hoc network engineer service at a competitive rate. Please contact us for details.

We trust Volant to manage our network and have done for many years. Professional and well qualified. Dr Paul Irvine

We recommend and work primarily with Cisco equipment, but we’re happy to work on any networking project.